Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Football players and Ballet

This blog is for all the football players out there and for guys in general. Guys seem to think that dance takes no effort what so ever and that they could easily do it with no problem. Wrong ! Dance is equally as difficult as football. And I know that no matter how many times I say it guys still won't believe me. But maybe this will help, some football coaches actually make their players take ballet classes. In fact, this topic has been a cover story for Sports Illustrated a few years ago. Ballet and football have more in common then people think. Psychologists have found that professional ballet dancers get hurt just as often and suffer just as serious injuries as athletes in contact sports. The main reason football players take ballet class is for balance and strength in the legs. Also, flexibility required for ballet may help prevent injuries involved in football. So if you are a football player, taking a ballet classes once in a while wouldn't hurt. It would benefit you and the way you play game.


  1. Yes I would definitely agree with this. I'm just learning dance and all and boy is it hard. At first I thought, "oh you just have to look pretty and have good posture and rhythm." But I was dead wrong! Dancing does involve building a lot of muscles and it is extremely painful. Also balance is key in dance, which I lack I'm very uncoordinated, it's a work in progress. It's worth it though I'm starting to see improvement in myself I'm getting very close to making a split! I'm so excited!!! Other than that I too think guys who play football would benefit very well in ballet, it's very good for their coordination skills.

  2. Ha-ha this is really funny because of how right you are, many football players including myself take things like dance and gymnastics, and cheerleading, as a joke. I would confess to joking on the sideline in a game how bad cheerleaders compare to dancers and such because of the easiness of their cheers. But as a fellow athlete I can appreciate the difficulty in whatever craft you do, whether ballet or rugby.
    Fortunately though I myself have a huge appreciation for gymnasts because my mother used to be one, a very talented one at that. Because of her I do realize how hard being a gymnast is, doing back flips and handstands, and vaults with out any help, it seems crazy to me. I’ve always been fascinated by the amount of discipline they go through, it’s definitely up there with football.
    Through that appreciation I could only imagine the similarities between ballet and gymnastics. I couldn't even try and balance myself on two toes or whatever it is you guys do, that stuff is intense.